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Koder is a non-profit organisation aiming to introduce programming for ages 6-16 in their own neighbourhoods. The course is held in social centres and schools which apply to hold a Code Camp — a two week introductory course to programming. We will supply computers with our own low-cost, energy-saving Raspberry Pis. 

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Koder goes to Budapest

Wed, 28. Mar 2018

Síðastliðna þrjá mánuði hefur Kóder verið í samstarfi við sambærileg samtök frá Ungverjalandi sem heita Skool. Markmið samstarfsins er tvíþætt. Annars vegar snýst það um upplýsingamiðlun, það er, að samtökin ... more

MakeyMakey á Borgabókasafninu

Sat, 04. Mar 2017

Borgarbókasafnið og Kóder hafa tekið höndum saman á ný. Við höldum áfram þar sem frá var horfið og höldum nú reglulegar vinnustofur á Borgarbókasafninu í Gerðubergi, Spönginni og Grófinni. Í ... more

Sumarnámskeið í Reykjanesbæ

Wed, 18. May 2016

Í sumar verða haldin námskeið í Reykjanesbæ á vegum Kóder. Námskeiðin sem verða haldin eru Scratch, Python/Minecraft og Vinnubúðir í vefforritun. Námskeiðin verða haldin 13. - 15. júní. Nánar um ... more

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Below are frequently asked questions about the course. If you want to add a question, send us an email.

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is a low-cost $35 computer, designed and made in the UK by the charitable organisation Raspberry Pi Foundation. Their goal is to make it possible for everyone to study computing without too much cost. It is used in classrooms all over the world and due to its energy efficiency and low cost it is practical almost everywhere. 

It is a capable small computer that runs the Linux operating system and has all the features that a conventional computer has (browser, email, video playback, games, et.c.)

In addition to being small, effective and available, the Raspberry Pi has advantage over regular computers since it is equipped with data pins to which it is possible to connect sensors, lights and other electronical equipment which can send and receive digital data. The users can therefore learn how to program simple controls and learn the basis of data communications in electronics.

This makes the Pi more suitable than a conventional computer that does not have this capability.

Why Raspberry Pi?

About the organisation

Koder is an ideologically driven organisation with the aim to make programming available for children and youth from all levels of society.

Introducing programming to youth opens up a new world for them within computing. Instead of being consumers of entertainment and computer games they will develop their logic, creativity and problem solving from a young age.

The organization wants to foster a DIY culture by using waste products (generally called trash) from our society. By dismantling electronics and other equipment that otherwise would end up in our landfills we can upcycle most of the parts.

At present, there is no universal program in Icelandic schools teaching kids to program but they have been able to study it from private actors. The EU has labeled internet technology, including programming, as a fundamental skill in the coming future. A survey done by the EU in 27 member countries reveals that 95% of them have either added or are planning to add programming to their school curriculum. Iceland is not one of those countries (source).

Due to high levels of cost the risk is that only children from affluent homes are able to participate in such courses. Even though the children’s free time subsidy could cover part of the cost of programming, other type of free time activity would suffer, such as music or sports. 

One of the manifestations of economic disparity is the lack of opportunities for youth from low-income homes. In Iceland, having a child or teenager participating in more than one free time activity can be a considerable financial burden for many parents. Parents with lower income therefore are not able to offer their children the same opportunities as parents who earn more.

The idea behind Koder is to bridge the gap between income groups by offering opportunities for children from low-income families, by teaching them a skill that is becoming ever more valuable.  

The main goal is to offer courses that everyone can participate in, despite their parents income. To begin with there will be a three month trial period where courses will be held in lower-income areas in Reykjavik, during January - March 2016. 

Over time the course will be held in more locations and preferably in more languages. The vision of the organisation also reaches wider than Iceland, since the goal is to offer courses in other countries in the future.

The lessons use open source software and $35 computer (Raspberry Pi). We also anticipate to have companies sponsor the project to be able to bring down the price even further, or offering free courses if possible.

In Iceland and elsewhere there is a lack of programmers and other educated people in the tech industry. It is therefore both to the advantage of companies and the whole society to offer youth an introduction to programming and give everyone the same opportunity.

Kó is registered as non-profit organization (4. tl. 2. gr. laga nr. 17/2003), so that we can legally receive payments. However, we do not make, nor do we desire to make any profits from running this initiative. Were we to, these are legally bound to be directed back into the Kó project.

The team

Elísabet Ólafsdóttir

Co-founder and Secretary of the Treasury

BA in Literature from the University of Iceland

Teaching degree

Eighteen years experience in project management

Mother of two

Soffía Ingibjargardóttir

Mentor and Secretary

Computer Scientist

Networking expert at Nýherji

Mother of many

Has worked with children for many years

Eyþór Máni Steinarsson

Secretary General

Studies business at the University of Iceland

Software specialist at Advania

Brother of four

Passion for education

Kristofer Henry

Head of the Mentor Board 

Tech enthusiast

Works at Advania Datacenters

Proud Mosfellingur

Burning passion for teaching


Order a course now for your school, social centre, or if you want to offer another type of space. 

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Support Kó

You can support Kó in different ways. One workstation consists of a Raspberry Pi with peripherals (display, keyboard, mouse, SD card and cables) that totals to around €150 euros.

You can also sponsor individual seats with a €75 euro donation.

Contact us if you or your company can help.

Contact us

Contact us if you want more information on the organisation, courses, how to order a course in your neighbourhood or donate to the project.

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Children’s interests in computing is not in line with the availability of education, and price of programming courses for kids is not easily covered for low-income groups. We want kids to be able to attend these studies without having to travel long distances which also costs money. There is no need for expensive hardware to study programming, and by moving the course to the kids’ location the organisation is not required to run expensive facilities. 

Currently, Koder is an experimental project that will be run during the first three months in the year 2016. It is possible to have us coming to you for 2 weeks at a time, where we can have as many courses per day as the space and interest allows.

Send us a message using this form or directly at koder [at]